Ground BreakingWESCOM Breaks Ground for New Comm Center

When WESCOM, Plainfield and other Will County 9-1-1 officials helped break ground for a new WESCOM Communication Center on April 19, maintaining and improving public safety was their first priority.

Due to its growth in recent years and potential growth over the next 10-20 years, WESCOM needs the new facility - which will go live in 2014 - to meet the increased demand for its emergency telephone services.

Since 2006, WESCOM has expanded its 9-1-1 and other dispatch responsibilities from 5 police agencies and 8 fire agencies (13 total) to 8 police agencies and 12 fire agencies (20 total) today.

"We've been planning to build a free-standing, separate building for our operations for several years," said WESCOM Executive Director Steve Rauter. With the help of exemplary intergovernmental cooperation, those plans soon will be coming to fruition.

The end result will be a $5-million, 17,000-square-foot, one-story, precast concrete facility designed by architect AECOM, a "world-class designer of 9-1-1 centers, Emergency Operations Centers, and other government projects," according to Rauter.

The new building is being planned to be occupied 1Q 2014.   more...

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